I'm Katie. I’m a graphic designer + a photographer. I graduated from East Carolina University with a BFA in art and a double concentration in graphic design and photography. I am originally from Massachusetts. 

I’m wicked curious, I like getting my hands dirty, and I truly love every part of the design and fine art process. In other words, my work is my play.

 It is important for me:

 + to understand how or why things work (or don’t work)
+ to find meaning in everything (even the daily mundane)
+ to learn from mistakes
+ to keep an open mind
+ to always dig deeper/push a little further
+ to help others
+ to use my head and follow my heart

I am always open to new ideas and challenges. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk about an assignment, a project, or a collaboration.

Phone: 508 641 6662